The Sons of the Holocaust …

“Israeli” border soldiers (not policemen as the article says) humiliating a Palestinians teenager on a deserted road in the West Bank. The youth is forced to slap himself and to repeat expletive insult to himself and Palestine.  and this is just a glimpse of what Palestinians endure everyday on the 1000s of checkpoints in the West Bank.

the story at Haaretz:


No peace without Hamas

Mahmoud Al-Zahhar published an article in the Washington post a week ago.

My take: I don’t believe that he meant what he wrote there… He is just being smart (not politically) that he knew, contrary to Mahmoud Abaas, that “Israel” will not agree on this for 1000 years to come, so he is just throwing the ball in the “Israeli” side, this is a well known Hamas strategy…

P.S. did you notice that he used the word “nation” when he referred to Israel! May be it’s a slip of the pen.

Enough with calling upon Arab leaders!

I am in an extremely bad mood… I have to finish writing a research proposal by this weekend, but this is not exactly why I am feeling bad! the situation in Gaza and watching Aljazeera makes me not able to focus!… I am extremely horrified by the pictures coming out of Gaza! Three babies were killed by the continuing “Israeli” airstrikes, this is in addition to more than 65 people killed, most of them are women and children… Let’s say that I don’t feel bad for those who die fighting; because they chose to fight and may be most of them were wishing to die fighting… but those babies, children, women and civilians did not choose to die! They want to live normally in that abnormal place called GAZA… They cannot leave it, the borders are closed since many many months ago, they cannot evacuate it, it’s sieged and surrounded… They even prefer to stay home and choose not to go to school or to work, thinking they can be safe inside!… and yet, the F-16 missiles don’t spare them! Those Bush gifts to “Israel” killed that baby in his crib, killed that woman while cooking in her kitchen! killed that man while trying to get some groceries for his family… And amid all this we hear Khaled Mishaal, the CEO of Hamas, calling upon the Arab leaders to rescue the Palestinians in Gaza!!! What Arab leaders you’re talking about! When will the time come and we understand and realize that the Arab leaders cannot do any good for us, they cannot do any good for their own people! why to bother with the Palestinians!… Your president, Mahmood Useless Abbass cannot do any good for his own people so why you are asking others! I mean tell me what Abbass can do for the Palestinians! Nothing, absolutely nothing except futile negotiations that end up resulting in more settlement built than before! tell me what can you do for the Palestinians? Aren’t you now the leader-in-chief of the devastated Gaza! Give us a break man!… We don’t need any Arab leader to help us! We need to work out our own way out of this, we need first to fix ourselves and unite ourselves! so we don’t have a Hamasstan and Fatehland… Then we can figure our way out of all these massacres and carnages…

Qaddafi Always Makes Me Laugh!

Update:  You can watch some of his speech here (Thanks Mariam).

Qaddafi for me is the best Arabic leader, why? Because he makes me laugh real hard!… I heard his interview with Aljazeera commenting on the latest news in the world and specially the Arab Summit in Saudi Arabia tomorrow, here is some of what he said pertaining to the Palestinian issue:


1. The Palestinians should be deported from all countries and return back to live in Palestine! otherwise “they will be sold”. However, he doesn’t say how they will be returned if “Israel” doesn’t recognize their right of return or if they should be piled up in the most dense populated area (Gaza) or the West Bank that more than half of it is “Israeli” settlements!


2. He doesn’t support the “Two State” solution.


3. Instead of the two separate states, he proposes (already proposed this 100 times before) a one state, should be called “Isratine” according to him, with dual nationalism. According to Qaddafi the one dual nationalism state will “prevent the Jews from becoming extinct” given that they are living between 300 million Arabs multiplicating each day.


But this wasn’t the thing that cracked me up! It’s his picture! Look at his newly grown semi-mustache and the ill-shaped goatee (Saksooka in Arabic dialect)! Does this really look like a president?!


Wa Couscous-ah !!!


Today I was walking into the university cafeteria to eat my lunch! I stopped in front of the first station and read the entries they offer today! and I got what I call it “Ma`3es fe Mokhi” ( stomachache but in my brain) ! Among the dishes listed was “Israeli Couscous”! I was supremely shocked and insulted! I left the Cafeteria thinking! those son of bitches not only stole our lands and our lives but also our food, our traditions, our cultures, everything! … First it started with Hummus and Falafel and now with the Maftool! …. I opened the “Internets” and went to “The Google” and searched for “Israeli Couscous“, I found this on Wikipedia:


Israeli couscous (in Hebrew קוסקוס), also known as maftoul or pearl couscous, is a larger version of couscous and used in slightly different ways. In Western cooking it is often used as a bed for salmon or chicken dishes, or put into salads. Compare with Middle Eastern Tabouli or egg barley.


notices the also known as Maftoul thing! .. and Maftoul is Arabic world that means “twined” , “something “curled together” and that’s the way Maftoul or Couscous is made by twining and curling grains!

No, I did eat lunch, Cheese Pizza for the curios :).

Sileas… Hacked By The Zion!

It seems that Izzi’s candid message to the Zion she wrote in a recent post didn’t delight him at all! he was so pissed off that her blog was hacked and deleted!… Sileas, the sharp like a sword words that unveiled many of Zionists animosity and monstrosity experienced everyday by the Palestinian people in the Holy Land… Sileas we all support you… And we are sure you will come much stronger than before…!



Zero Percent Terror Oil

Well, that supports my all time argument that once the oil dwindle in Saudi Arabia and the gulf countries, then Saudi will be the next destination for the American missiles and “smart” bombs. But it’s coming too early that people hear started to bite the pipe that keep them driving around… I certainly don’t blame them for this, I blame the idiotic, puppet Arab governments specially those in the gulf countries… Those who will say, “How come the Arabic people are demanding us to cut oil supply for the U.S. and “Israel”; the oil income is a vital resource for our country”, what the hell you do with the oil income? Buy villas in the Riviera or travel to Europe for sex tourisim… Ah, and when I speak like this to some guys from the gulf countries, they say: well the other Arabs are just looking for our money and are covetous for our oil!… When we will wake up, no idea.