Gaza and Peace

“Israel” now is looking desperately for an exit strategy from Gaza, the rockets did not stop and , just as any sane minded person would expect, they will not stop despite the 660 killed and 3000 injured on the Palestinian side while on the “Israeli” side, 5 were killed by the falling pipes (that they call rockets) and 6 soldiers were killed in Gaza ground operation. War criminal Ehud Barak has this number of  goals achieved so far: ZERO, NONE. To his dismay, rockets are reaching way farther inside “Israel” than they did before the barbaric attacks on Gaza.

The only thing “Israel” is good at is killing children and civilians. The same scenario of Lebanon 2006 is repeated here. Like Hizbullah did in 2006, now Hamas is gaining more and more sympathy, not only among the Palestinians but also among the Arab population. The more “Israel” kills, the stronger Hamas becomes,  and by then the civilized people among you should not start whining about bombers blowing up buses in “Tel-Aviv”. In sum, “Israel” must be stopped from butchering the innocent children of Gaza . They must stop claiming that Hamas is the source of the problem! Hamas was not there in 1982 when Sharon butchered 4000 Palestinian women and children in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon (The PLO was mainly consisting of Marxist, feminist, secular and atheist leaders at the time). Also, in 1996 and going forward until the onset of the second Intifada, Hamas leaders were all held in the corrupt Palestinian Authority prisons, just to protect “Israel” from any attacks, and yet what did “Israel” give Yaser Arafat? ZERO! No, actually they gave him the middle finger! “Israeli” governments kept changing from Peres to Netanyahu to Barak to Sharon and every new cabinet comes with new agenda and cancels all previous agreements with the Palestinians.

The puppet Mahmoud Abbas has been negotiating with “Israel” for how many years now? Four or Five years? What did they gave him? ZERO! No, another middle finger and, on top of that,  more settlements in the West Bank were established and more Palestinians were sent to “Israeli” prisons. Before Abbas futile negotiations with the “Israelis”, there were close to 9000 prisoners in “Israeli” prisons, now there are 11,000 prisoners. Tell me about peace and negotiations with such results! People, everyone on earth wants to live peacefully, but also honorably and with dignity. Not a peace with barriers and walls built in the West Bank to separate families from each others and to separate students from their schools, peace with no imprisonment of 1.5 million in Gaza with no open borders for supplies, food or even medical treatment, let alone traveling and studying outside.


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