Gaza … The road to win an election

It seems to me that Gaza is now officially becoming the wild card when it comes to winning an election. I mean it became quite clear that the main purpose of the recent “Israeli” barbaric attack on the besieged Gaza Strip is to drive the “Israeli” voters to vote for Tzipi Livni or Ehud Barak (or both since it’s expected that Kadeema and Labor parties will form a coalition). But, it looks like Bloomberg, the Mayor of NYC  who is seeking a third term, is thinking the same as Barak and Livni are doing, he wants to capitalize on the Jewish voters in Brooklyn, so he is visiting Sderot and Ashkelon to sympathize with the handful of people who got injured from Hamas rockets (or flying pipes to be more informative), of course Bloomberg,  as any Zionist,  did not know about the close to 500 civilians who were killed and the 3000 who were injured in Gaza, killed and bombed by nothing other than the donated F-16’s and the “smart” bombs supplied by his own government. What a pathetic world we are living in.



Photo: AP