I am from N’ilia and I will return

Today is the 60th anniversary of Al-Nakba (catastrophe) when thousands of Palestinians were murdered and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced out of their homes and lands by the “Israeli” militias. The Palestinian homes were given to the Jewish immigrants fleeing the Nazis. “Israel” in 1948 did to the Palestinians what they suffered from in Europe and in few years they transformed from victims of Nazis to become the new Nazis victimizing the Palestinians people and confiscating their lands and fields. On this day, I’ve chosen to write about my village, the village that my grandfather was expelled from in 1948. Carrying two infants and holding his wife’s hand while she is holding the other three kids, they headed to the nearby Gaza strip, fleeing from the killing machine of the notorious Givati “Israeli” militia that already killed hundreds in the nearby villages and was headed south to Al-Majdal and the neighboring villages among them N’ilia.


N’ilia was a small village located 3 km to the south west of the city of Al-Majdal (now known as “Ashkelon”). N’ilia was depopulated and destroyed completely in November 5th, 1948 by the “Israeli” Givati militias during the military operation “Yoav”. Hundreds of the Palestinian inhabitants ( population ~1,520 in 1948 ) were killed and the rest fled to the nearby Gaza Strip. The area of N’ilia is around 5233 Donum (~1290 Acre) and was mostly planted with citrus trees.

the only bricks left in N’ilia.

Map of Palestine showing villages and town prior 1948 (click to enlarge)

This powerpoint presentation gives a timeline of Al-Nakba. The major “Israeli” operations and massacres are pointed out. It’s very enlightening for outsiders and insiders alike. AL-NAKBA ANATOMY


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  1. Sami, i have spent the last hour or so learning about your unfortunate experience and the “fun” you had during your vacation. I am sorry. I thought, I had written on your wall and was all happy that you got back albeit a bit late. All this and more, I wanted to speak to you personally. But alas, I never got to see you more than 2 times during the semester. All I can do is thank God for getting you and Heba back to Atlanta safe and sound. All I can do in my capacity now is pray, pray for your people and pray for peace. We’ll catch up for sure when I get back home – in Aalborg now. Thanks for giving a super-description of the reality, it certainly helped me for one, to have a perspective on this bloody-crusade.

  2. israel is in danger. 60 years and we are still more strong in our pursuit of our National rights. israel is scared. They have pressured so many head of states to attend their so called independence? Independence from whom? The Palestinians never fought the Jews. The Europeans who kicked the Jews out. In return the ZIONIST Jews , through criminal ways, ethnic cleansed the Palestinians.
    Yes israel is running scared. Why do you think they are building walls? Why they are to this day SEEKING recognition of the occupied?
    Remember the Palestinians are the Key holders of PEACE. We will say it out loud: WE’LL NEVER FORGET.

    Let us intensify the efforts for the LOVE of Palestine. Do your part and perform your responsibility toward the Palestinian human rights. Silence is complicity, no actions means approval.
    Mark you calendar for May 23-25 where we assert the Palestinian National rights. We will say it loud that we will never forget. Palestinians are the Key holders of peace. Join the thousands and strengthen the network of the thousands of activists. Express your opinion and let the many panelists know of where Palestine should go. Support our efforts to empower our community and assert the Palestinians right of return. Join the many Palestinian Americans and their supporters in Chicago commemorating the 60th year of the forced exile of the Palestinian people. Be pro active, ask questions to the Panelists and discuss the current event. We must empower ourselves and make a strong network for Justice, Peace and Freedom. Be pro active. Enough talks, Register NOW

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