NYT: U.S. Withdraws Fulbright Grants to Palestinians in Gaza

The article here.


“But when a query about the canceled Fulbrights was made to the prime minister’s[Ehud Olmert] office on Thursday, senior officials expressed surprise. They said they did, in fact, consider study abroad to be a humanitarian necessity and that when cases were appealed to them, they would facilitate them.”

O’h really! so why there is more than a thousand Palestinian students who could not joint their universities outside the besieged Gaza strip for a little less than a year now!.

“They [“Israeli” officials] suggested that American officials never brought the Fulbright cases to their attention. The State Department and American officials in Israel refused to discuss the matter. But the failure to persuade the Israelis may have stemmed from longstanding tensions between the consulate in Jerusalem, which handles Palestinian affairs, and the embassy in Tel Aviv, which manages relations with the Israeli government.”

If this turns out to be true, it means one thing! that the U.S. Department of State doesn’t give a damn about the Palestinian Fulbright scholars! Although I suspect that since always the U.S. Fulbright committee tried to help the Palestinians out, they usually visit Gaza to interview the students in person despite the unstable and dangerous conditions inside Gaza Strip! So, I hope that the this is an “Israeli” lie and not a policy of the State Department to exclude the Palestinian students from participating in the Fulbright program which I am honored to be associated with.

to the U.S. Department of State: Don’t leave those students behind! You will loose them and if this policy continues, you alienate the remainder of the intellectual and moderate Palestinians who always aspire for better life and peace…


“Israel’s” Strategic Support to USA.

Here is what the strategic ally of USA gave Bush in exchange for the killing machinery and monetary support that “Israel” receives from the US every month!…

in addition to this :

I am from N’ilia and I will return

Today is the 60th anniversary of Al-Nakba (catastrophe) when thousands of Palestinians were murdered and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced out of their homes and lands by the “Israeli” militias. The Palestinian homes were given to the Jewish immigrants fleeing the Nazis. “Israel” in 1948 did to the Palestinians what they suffered from in Europe and in few years they transformed from victims of Nazis to become the new Nazis victimizing the Palestinians people and confiscating their lands and fields. On this day, I’ve chosen to write about my village, the village that my grandfather was expelled from in 1948. Carrying two infants and holding his wife’s hand while she is holding the other three kids, they headed to the nearby Gaza strip, fleeing from the killing machine of the notorious Givati “Israeli” militia that already killed hundreds in the nearby villages and was headed south to Al-Majdal and the neighboring villages among them N’ilia.


N’ilia was a small village located 3 km to the south west of the city of Al-Majdal (now known as “Ashkelon”). N’ilia was depopulated and destroyed completely in November 5th, 1948 by the “Israeli” Givati militias during the military operation “Yoav”. Hundreds of the Palestinian inhabitants ( population ~1,520 in 1948 ) were killed and the rest fled to the nearby Gaza Strip. The area of N’ilia is around 5233 Donum (~1290 Acre) and was mostly planted with citrus trees.

the only bricks left in N’ilia.

Map of Palestine showing villages and town prior 1948 (click to enlarge)

This powerpoint presentation gives a timeline of Al-Nakba. The major “Israeli” operations and massacres are pointed out. It’s very enlightening for outsiders and insiders alike. AL-NAKBA ANATOMY

Taste of Freedom

One Sami is free…

Sami Al-Hajj, on the left a young looking 32 years old man, on the right a 39 years old man… This is what 7 years in Gitmo can do for you! Watch Aljazeera English Youtube report about his release.

when the other Sami will be freed?

Dr. Sami Al-Arian is still imprisoned in a Federal jail in Virginia despite the fact that he was acquitted from all terrorism charges brought against him. When the American justice will come to life again!

Watch this heartbreaking documentary about Dr. Al-Arian.