CNN: The most TWISTED name in news

Link on front page reads: “Israeli-Palestinian fighting kills 21”

click the link, the article starts like this:

“Israeli airstrikes and ground battles with Palestinian militants on Wednesday left 21 dead, most of them Palestinians, according to Palestinian security sources. A Reuters cameraman and two bystanders were killed in an apparent airstrike near El Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza, according to Hamas security sources and Palestinian medical sources.”

The truth: 19 Palestinians (15 civilians+4 Hamas militants) + 2 Israeli soldiers were killed. So the 19 out of 21 in CNN logic is “most of them”… Also, CNN all the time used to say “according to Palestinian medical sources” . Now its according to “Hamas security sources”, to make it look like even more unreliable sources!.

Kinda related UPDATE: CNN will have Tony Snow as a conservative commentator! Cool, more garbage into the cable news… I am calling the cable company to tear down my cable connection…  YouTube ain’t bad at all…


4 thoughts on “CNN: The most TWISTED name in news

  1. Keep up the good work, the score is still not even need more Israeli in the count.

    And Colin the other poster… When a country like Israel take action of that magnitude just for the killing of few soldier (a soldier is not a civilian) and kills civilians indiscriminately, well in my mind it equals Hitler. Isreal has lost the rigth to exist. Nuke Israel I say.

    By the way… there are more canadian supporting the palesinian cause then there are supporting Israel…. only the jewish organisation calls them Antisemit which is not the case.

  2. Claude,

    certainly I am not interested in more killing on both sides… Making the numbers to become even is not what will make me happy. What will make me happy is that “Israel” stop killing scores of civilians and children just to hunt down two or three Hamas militants. “Israel” is becoming well known for collective punishment and mass killings than before, but alas, the world is not speaking a word! …

    As for Colin, I have met a lot of people like you, replying to your Nazi-like comments isn’t in the best interest of my blog… so don’t waste your time.

  3. At least two among killed were children. CNN forgot to mention this very sensitive fact.

    No wonder 70% of US population is pro-Israel. When they learn twisted truth what can one expect.

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