No peace without Hamas

Mahmoud Al-Zahhar published an article in the Washington post a week ago.

My take: I don’t believe that he meant what he wrote there… He is just being smart (not politically) that he knew, contrary to Mahmoud Abaas, that “Israel” will not agree on this for 1000 years to come, so he is just throwing the ball in the “Israeli” side, this is a well known Hamas strategy…

P.S. did you notice that he used the word “nation” when he referred to Israel! May be it’s a slip of the pen.


CNN: The most TWISTED name in news

Link on front page reads: “Israeli-Palestinian fighting kills 21”

click the link, the article starts like this:

“Israeli airstrikes and ground battles with Palestinian militants on Wednesday left 21 dead, most of them Palestinians, according to Palestinian security sources. A Reuters cameraman and two bystanders were killed in an apparent airstrike near El Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza, according to Hamas security sources and Palestinian medical sources.”

The truth: 19 Palestinians (15 civilians+4 Hamas militants) + 2 Israeli soldiers were killed. So the 19 out of 21 in CNN logic is “most of them”… Also, CNN all the time used to say “according to Palestinian medical sources” . Now its according to “Hamas security sources”, to make it look like even more unreliable sources!.

Kinda related UPDATE: CNN will have Tony Snow as a conservative commentator! Cool, more garbage into the cable news… I am calling the cable company to tear down my cable connection…  YouTube ain’t bad at all…