A story from the “bigger shoah”

Couple of weeks back, the “Israeli” deputy “defense” minster Matan Vilna threatened the Palestinians of Gaza with a “bigger shoah”, and shoah in Hebrew is used almost exclusively to refer to the Nazi holocaust against the Jews in Europe. Vilna threatened the Gazans with yet a bigger than the Nazi holocaust and here is another heart-breaking story from the shoah that killed more than 136 people… among them 40+ child…among them 3 babies… among them Amira Abu Asr, a 20 days old baby.
This story is about the families of Abu Salamah and Hijazi in Gaza: After the invasion of Jabaliya refugee camp ended, the Abu Salama family started looking for their 15 years old son, Ahmed, whom was missing since the invasion started. They waited several days for Ahmed to return home, but this never happened. Couple of days later, they were asked to come to Kamal Odwan hospital in northern Gaza strip to check an identified body for a teenage boy. The face was totally burned, the body was disfigured and nothing can be identified. The Abu Salamah family took the remaining of their son, buried it and opened a “consolation tent” to receive condolences from friends and families. Few days later, a neighbor of Abu Salamah family, comes hurrying to their home and shouting that he saw Ahmed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Al-Shifaa hospital in Gaza city while he was visiting an injured family member of his. The mother and father of Ahmed hurried to the hospital and as soon as they arrived the ICU room where Ahmed is being treated, they couldn’t believe their eyes! their son was alive! he was not that poor teenage who was hit in an airstrike. However, the relief did not last long as they came to learn that their son’s face is severely burned and that he lost the ability to speak! But the story doesn’t end here, Ahmed’s name in the hospital papers was “Mansour Hijazi” a name for a teenage who was Ahmed’s look-alike … This news came as a lightening strike on the father and mother of Mansour Hijazi who were waiting all that time outside the ICU room waiting for “their son” to make it and leave the hospital… While their actual son, Mansour, was kept in the morgue of Kamal Odwan hospital for several days and later has been buried by Abu Salamah family!…

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