When does CNN wake up?

When more than a 116 Palestinians (the vast majority of them were civilians) were killed during last week attacks on Gaza and which among them were more than 40 children (see post below), CNN barely put one line on the side to talk about the story the next day, even they underrepresented the number of civilians killed and claimed the “Israeli” “OPERATION” was aiming to stop rockets!!!… Now, look at CNN after six “Israelis” were killed hours ago in Jerusalem… Within minutes CNN puts a BREAKING NEWS banner about the “TERRORIST ATTACK” (not even a “TERRORIST OPERATION”) …

This is after just minutes of the attack…


UPADATE: UN[FAIR] Security council will hold an emergency meeting tonight re the attack in Jerusalem…

Dan Gillerman, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, told CNN he saw no connection between Thursday’s shooting and Israel’s operations in Gaza. “There is no retaliation,” he said. “These people have been terrorizing Israel for years, have been carrying out suicide bombings and indiscriminate attacks for years.” Source: CNN.COM

No connection!!! Ok! Is that may be because Palestinians are bloody people and just addicted to killing like you son of a terrorist occupier!


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