Enough with calling upon Arab leaders!

I am in an extremely bad mood… I have to finish writing a research proposal by this weekend, but this is not exactly why I am feeling bad! the situation in Gaza and watching Aljazeera makes me not able to focus!… I am extremely horrified by the pictures coming out of Gaza! Three babies were killed by the continuing “Israeli” airstrikes, this is in addition to more than 65 people killed, most of them are women and children… Let’s say that I don’t feel bad for those who die fighting; because they chose to fight and may be most of them were wishing to die fighting… but those babies, children, women and civilians did not choose to die! They want to live normally in that abnormal place called GAZA… They cannot leave it, the borders are closed since many many months ago, they cannot evacuate it, it’s sieged and surrounded… They even prefer to stay home and choose not to go to school or to work, thinking they can be safe inside!… and yet, the F-16 missiles don’t spare them! Those Bush gifts to “Israel” killed that baby in his crib, killed that woman while cooking in her kitchen! killed that man while trying to get some groceries for his family… And amid all this we hear Khaled Mishaal, the CEO of Hamas, calling upon the Arab leaders to rescue the Palestinians in Gaza!!! What Arab leaders you’re talking about! When will the time come and we understand and realize that the Arab leaders cannot do any good for us, they cannot do any good for their own people! why to bother with the Palestinians!… Your president, Mahmood Useless Abbass cannot do any good for his own people so why you are asking others! I mean tell me what Abbass can do for the Palestinians! Nothing, absolutely nothing except futile negotiations that end up resulting in more settlement built than before! tell me what can you do for the Palestinians? Aren’t you now the leader-in-chief of the devastated Gaza! Give us a break man!… We don’t need any Arab leader to help us! We need to work out our own way out of this, we need first to fix ourselves and unite ourselves! so we don’t have a Hamasstan and Fatehland… Then we can figure our way out of all these massacres and carnages…

2 thoughts on “Enough with calling upon Arab leaders!

  1. You seem truly sincere. Perhaps, you should take a step back and realize that the HAMAS is the biggest threat to the Palestinian people in Gaza. That family in Beit Hanoun died because the IDF took out terrorists who were carrying large quantities of explosives.

    Here’s a video: http://djkonservo.wordpress.com/2008/05/02/gee-who-couldve-guessed-something-like-this-would-happen/

    I am sorry, man. The Palestinians are in a tough spot, and I agree, I think the Arab League (and now al-Qaida, even) are making things much more tense by promoting their own interests. Jerusalem has become the new Mecca and all of those Islamists want to expell the unbelievers.

  2. Listen, I have watched that video over 10 times since last week; it doesn’t prove no point!. Eyewitnesses said that the second missile (also appears on the video) missed the militants and hit the front door of that family who were eating breakfast in their patio behind that door! Put that is not why I replied to your comment! is because of your provocative misleading statement that Muslims want to expell unbeliever from Jerusalem!!!!! hey where do you live? on planet Mars? “Israel” and its illegal settlers are those who are expelling every non-Jew out of Jerusalem. They’re the one who are controlling Jerusalem and don’t allow Muslims and Christians alike to practice their religion inside the holly city! Who is the one that is not allowed to go to the Al-Aqsa mosque? It’s the Muslims of Jerusalem, Westbank, Gaza,… and Who is the one that is not allowed to go to the Church of resurrection, it’s the Christians of Bethlehem, east Jerusalem, Gaza, …etc! Zionists are the one who call Palestine the promised land and the land of the Jews and only the Jews! … so stop fooling others with things you know aren’t accurate!.

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