UPDATE: Death toll reached 106 Palestinans (among them 3 babies under 1 y.o.) X 2 “Israeli” soldiers
Last night 13 Palestinians, the vast majority of them were civilians, including the baby in the picture below, were killed by multiple “Israleli” airstrikes on the sieged Gaza Strip. The “Israeli” army claims that this came as a response to one person killed in Sderot by a Qassam home-made rocket! The matter of the truth is that killing and airstrikes never stopped whether there was a rocket or there was a top wanted Hamas member walking down the streets and civilians happened to be walking in the same street!, how ironic that might sound, this is the truth… The pretext for killing and mass killing justification is always there… It’s noteworthy to mention that before “Israel” started the raids, they filed a complaint to the U.N. Security Council about Qassam rockets being fired from Gaza! and before the ink of that complaint dried up, they killed 13 people! including the may be a “terrorist-to-be” pictured below, six months old Muhammed Al-Bura’i.
Photo credit: Aljazeera.net
Photo Credit: http://www.paldf.net
his crib
Photo Credit: http://www.paldf.net