UPDATE: Death toll reached 106 Palestinans (among them 3 babies under 1 y.o.) X 2 “Israeli” soldiers
Last night 13 Palestinians, the vast majority of them were civilians, including the baby in the picture below, were killed by multiple “Israleli” airstrikes on the sieged Gaza Strip. The “Israeli” army claims that this came as a response to one person killed in Sderot by a Qassam home-made rocket! The matter of the truth is that killing and airstrikes never stopped whether there was a rocket or there was a top wanted Hamas member walking down the streets and civilians happened to be walking in the same street!, how ironic that might sound, this is the truth… The pretext for killing and mass killing justification is always there… It’s noteworthy to mention that before “Israel” started the raids, they filed a complaint to the U.N. Security Council about Qassam rockets being fired from Gaza! and before the ink of that complaint dried up, they killed 13 people! including the may be a “terrorist-to-be” pictured below, six months old Muhammed Al-Bura’i.
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Photo Credit: http://www.paldf.net
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Obama on Palestinian/”Israeli” issues…

“OBAMA: Well here’s my starting orientation is A – Israel’s security is sacrosanct, is non negotiable. That’s point number one. Point number two is that the status quo I believe is unsustainable over time. So we’re going to have to make a shift from the current deadlock that we’re in. Number three that Israel has to remain a Jewish state and what I believe that means is that any negotiated peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians is going to have to involve the Palestinians relinquishing the right of return as it has been understood in the past. And that doesn’t mean that there may not be conversations about compensation issues. It also means the Israelis will have to figure out how do we work with a legitimate Palestinian government to create a Palestinian state that is sustainable. It’s going to have to be contiguous, its going to have to work its going to have to function in some way. That’s in Israel’s interest by the way. If you have a balkanized unsustainable state, it will break down and we will be back in the same boat. So those are the starting points of my orientation. My goal then would be to solicit as many practical opinions as possible in terms of how we’re going to move forward on a improvement of relations and a sustainable peace. The question that I will be asking any advisor is how does it achieve the goal of Israel’s security and how does it achieve the goal of sustainability over the long term and I want practical, hardheaded, unromantic advice about how we’re going to achieve that. Something that Robert said that I think is very important. I have consistently said this, and I have said this to Palestinians, I said this when I was in Ramallah, that you cannot fault Israel for being concerned about any peace agreement if the Palestinian state or Palestinian authority or Palestinian leadership does not seem to be able to follow through on its commitments. And I think the approach we have to take with respect to negations is that you sit down and talk, but you have to suspend trust until you can see that the Palestinian side can follow through and that’s a position that I have consistently taken and the one I will take with me to the White House.”  NY Sun, Feb 26th, 2008.  The rest is here

“Israel has to remain a Jewish state” and ” … to involve  the Palestinians relinquishing their right of return [to their lands where they were expelled from in 1948]”
How this sounds from an African-American whom his ancestors suffered segregation  and denial of their civil rights…

and on the same day, I read the following [Arabic]. It talks about a Palestinian journalism student from the isolated Gaza Strip, who is reaching out to the American voters to support Obama. Using free internet calling to the U.S. to contact Americans, he talks to them about voting for Barack Obama in the coming Ohio and Texas primaries! He goes on saying that Obama is the one who can solve the Palestinians’ problems and achieve for them what no one has succeeded in before…

How naive this sounds after your read the NY Sun article and this letter sent by Obama to the U.S. rep. in the U.N. council.

If this guy wins, I am out of here…

It might be a bit early, as still the presidential nomination is not there yet for both parties… but as I was listening to John McCain talking on CNN today, I decided that if he’ll win the U.S. presidency, I am moving to Canada within few months…

All what this person knows is bigger army, bigger Marine corps, bigger air force, bigger destruction, bigger war crimes, bigger occupations… yet smaller economy, less human liberty, less scientific research, less peace in the world…

If McCain wins, this means we’re gonna have another Bush for another 4 years at least! that makes it 12 unfortunate years for this world…



John McCain-Bush