Trip to the Unkown… Ghazza (Gaza)

I found this piece on the wikitravel.

“Gaza is completely closed off now, pretty much like an outdoor prison. The only way in is through the Eretz crossing in the north, and then you need a permit from the Israeli Army. If you do have a permit, you need coordination with the Israeli Army, specifying when you are planning to go into, and more importantly, go out from Gaza. Don’t miss out on this part, as it dramatically increases your chances of not being shot at by the Israeli Army.

When you passed through the Israelis side, you end up in a long barren concrete tunnel. Coming through the tunnel, you have to cross an even more barren no-mans-land. This can be a bit nervous, depending on the general situation in the area at the moment, and this is the most likely place for you to be shot at. After some hundred meters, you come to “Shamsa shamsa” (five five in Arabic), which marks the spot where Palestinians stop if they do not have coordination with the Israeli Army. Here you will find a bunch of taxi drivers, desperately waiting for …”


Interesting, ha? …  note that this applies to foreign visitors only, not to the Palestinians,  since any Palestinian who comes close to the borders (even if he is farming his land) will be shot at with no second thought from the solider up the borders tower… Actually any regular Palestinian who lives in Gaza would feel enormously lucky if he or she be able to leave Gaza under any circumstances and believe it or not he/she surely won’t be worried about all the horror described in the quote, as his/her chance of dying while living inside Gaza is the same as the chance of being shot at the border,  if not the later being less risky.




3 thoughts on “Trip to the Unkown… Ghazza (Gaza)

  1. Dear Sami,

    I want to know if it’s ok for me to upload your map of Gaza to my facebook profile. I am an American activist for Palestine and I’m trying to raise awareness among my friends. If you don’t want me to use your image, please let me know and I won’t.



  2. Rachel, go ahead and use whatever you please. Any goods on this blog are for free 🙂 shipping included… Thanks for your efforts to spread a much needed awareness among the American people here in the states…

  3. Roman Kalik, welcome to my blog, dear … Next time, better wash your hands before starting to comment on people’s blogs…

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