Wa Couscous-ah !!!


Today I was walking into the university cafeteria to eat my lunch! I stopped in front of the first station and read the entries they offer today! and I got what I call it “Ma`3es fe Mokhi” ( stomachache but in my brain) ! Among the dishes listed was “Israeli Couscous”! I was supremely shocked and insulted! I left the Cafeteria thinking! those son of bitches not only stole our lands and our lives but also our food, our traditions, our cultures, everything! … First it started with Hummus and Falafel and now with the Maftool! …. I opened the “Internets” and went to “The Google” and searched for “Israeli Couscous“, I found this on Wikipedia:


Israeli couscous (in Hebrew קוסקוס), also known as maftoul or pearl couscous, is a larger version of couscous and used in slightly different ways. In Western cooking it is often used as a bed for salmon or chicken dishes, or put into salads. Compare with Middle Eastern Tabouli or egg barley.


notices the also known as Maftoul thing! .. and Maftoul is Arabic world that means “twined” , “something “curled together” and that’s the way Maftoul or Couscous is made by twining and curling grains!

No, I did eat lunch, Cheese Pizza for the curios :).


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