In a late response to Izzi’s post. This photo below is all about pride for me… It’s sad that we lost this kid, Faris* (Arabic for Knight, not a coincidence as you can see), but he is a springhead of pride for us… Palestinians. This picture always reminds me of the poem for the Palestinian poet Tawfiq Zayyad:

إنا هنا باقون

كأننا عشرون مستحيل

في اللد , والرمله , والجليل

هنا على صدوركم باقون كالجدار


* Faris ‘Ouda, shot dead by an “Israeli” tank officer near the eastern borders of Gaza Strip on October 29th, 2000. Faris was then 13 years old.


7 thoughts on “Pride…

  1. what does the poem say in English (or French easier for me)? I like the picture too much! how heroic and symbolic it is…

  2. Manosh… Tawfiq Zayyad was very eloquent in this poem… it makes it one of my favorites too… I think we have a lot of poets in Palestine but unfortunately not many people know about… we did not study these poems in the Arabic lessons as one may expect… It was all for Ahmed Shawqi and other Egyptian poets from the modern poetry in addition to those for 3antra (this guy rocks in his poetry :D) …

  3. mazboot!
    menhaj ello3’a el3rabeye hon moqref bkol m3na elkilme.. srlo hek aktr mn 50 sene.. y3’ayro..

    w elthqafe el3rabeyeh betla2eha ma3dome mn eljazer.. y3ne betla2e kter nas ma by3erfo “sajel ana 3arabe” enha la ma7moud darwish!

    y3ne afd’l she2 elijtehad elsha5se 🙂

  4. It is very nice picture. I wish to be a hero like Faris and go to kill the fucken jwesh gangs. When I’ll get the U.S citizen. I hope to go to palestine and be like Faris.

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