In a late response to Izzi’s post. This photo below is all about pride for me… It’s sad that we lost this kid, Faris* (Arabic for Knight, not a coincidence as you can see), but he is a springhead of pride for us… Palestinians. This picture always reminds me of the poem for the Palestinian poet Tawfiq Zayyad:

إنا هنا باقون

كأننا عشرون مستحيل

في اللد , والرمله , والجليل

هنا على صدوركم باقون كالجدار


* Faris ‘Ouda, shot dead by an “Israeli” tank officer near the eastern borders of Gaza Strip on October 29th, 2000. Faris was then 13 years old.


المسجد الأقصى و المخطط الصهيوني


كنت قد وجت هذا الملف (فلاش ) الذي يوضح الإجراءات الصهيونية في محيط المسجد الأقصى المبارك خلال الاعوام الماضية … بما فيها أعمال الحفريات التي تتم الآن بجانب باب المغاربة … للمزيد يمكن الاطلاع على هذا الرابط

aqsa2.JPG المصدر

Zero Percent Terror Oil

Well, that supports my all time argument that once the oil dwindle in Saudi Arabia and the gulf countries, then Saudi will be the next destination for the American missiles and “smart” bombs. But it’s coming too early that people hear started to bite the pipe that keep them driving around… I certainly don’t blame them for this, I blame the idiotic, puppet Arab governments specially those in the gulf countries… Those who will say, “How come the Arabic people are demanding us to cut oil supply for the U.S. and “Israel”; the oil income is a vital resource for our country”, what the hell you do with the oil income? Buy villas in the Riviera or travel to Europe for sex tourisim… Ah, and when I speak like this to some guys from the gulf countries, they say: well the other Arabs are just looking for our money and are covetous for our oil!… When we will wake up, no idea.

Welcome to WordPress…


I wanted along time ago to switch to WordPress, since blogger started giving me hard time after I changed to the Blogger Google Account, I couldn’t opt out and return to the old Blogger! So I find my lazy whatever compelled to move on to WordPress. I also wanted to design my own template by using my little CSS experience… but this will take my lazy whatever another long period of time!… Anyways, let’s give WordPress a try! I also tried to import my posts from my blog on blogger, but it did not work because of that crappy Google Blogger…